How to CREATE your own BUILD/WIZARD for KODI -Easy Method-

Create your own Wizard.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create your own Build/Wizard for Kodi.

How to update your Build/Wizard

Add multiple BUILDS to your WIZARD



●Files Needed:
Decryption Key

●Programs Needed:

●Hide file directory:
-Folder name: .htaccess
-Code: IndexIgnore /Wizard

●Outro Song:
Vanic x K.Flay – Make Me Fade

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34 Comments on How to CREATE your own BUILD/WIZARD for KODI -Easy Method-

  1. when installing from zip in kodi wizard shows up with background fanart will not install says streamuwizard(name of plug in) has error can you please help?

    • I think the part I’m missing is that I’ll need 2 separate sites in order to run the wizard. Archive.Org to store (Addon/userdata) and another hosting site like Dropbox/? to place the .png, .txt, at. Of course dropbox will not allow you to view zip files. from all the videos, looks like you can’t do it all on one site like if so, can someone please Help. I have the files, understand the dependencies, who calls what and what needs to be where. I cant seem to set it up anywhere I can atleast test it. got a script error, and to be truthful, i cant not follow the directory structure in Archive or even how to create one.
      If you could help, deeply appreciate it

  2. ok now the error is gone however when the wizard downloads to kodi the background screen goes black (no fanart)
    and nothing is downloaded ? what the heck am i missing?

  3. Hello, thank you for tutorial. I have an issue. Once my build installed and after force close on Kodi there is no addons added to Kodi. Any suggestions?

  4. Ok Have followed you guide above the wizard loads from the source but in programs it shows it but the file isnt there? What have I done wrong. Have copied the dropbox address into the html and have made sure it matched yours. Need Help

  5. When I try to install from zip I see the but when I try to install it I get an error “railed to install Add-on from from zip”
    I have made sure the DL=0 is changed to DL=1 but still no luck
    Do you have any other things it could be ?

    • Problem solved … Not surenwhatbwas wrong went through it all again for then100 the time and all now working ….. Great videos thank you

  6. Everything appeared to be working but when I run the wizard it downloads fine but only extracts to 30% then makes you close kodi but not everything is installed and no settings are transferred! Any advice?

  7. I got a problem I have made my wizard but when kodi downloads it’s cut 10-30% in to the extracting process. It was working a few days ago then it stopped now I have tested it on 3 different devices.
    Please help

  8. Can you tell me a good place to find m3u files that work when I put them in a link for each item within a catagory. I’ve tried many but, none work. The only one that does is the you tube….Thanks for all your help

  9. Managed to get it all working thank you but I was wondering is there any way you could tweak the wizard so that it deletes all addons and data except its self so when the build is installed it’s on a fresh clean kodi?
    Many thanks

  10. Hi, since the web site for 000webhost has changed I am stuck on trying to retrieve the link for the wizard.htm file so I can place it in the webhost does not have the “open” option anymore to access the link from the new tab. Would love the help. Thanks

  11. When I add my source in Kodi and try to add from zip, the folder is empty. Also, when I type the link for my 000webhost site into a browser, I don’t get the same index screen that you get in your video. Please help!

    • when you get your zipped/finished and are about to upload it to 000webhost, instead of just uploading your finished plugin to the public_html folder, create a new folder instead called repo for example,so when youve done this, when you click into public_html you will see the Wizard and repo folders, upload your plugin into the repo folder, when the upload is complete this is the part where you wil want to install your wizard in kodi, but you couldnt find the zip before, now when you go to add source and input your 000website address(or your shortened web address) instead of putting in for example: put /repo at the end like this, press done on that, set the name to match your wizard press ok/done, now go to install from zip and there you go

  12. I followed your instructions months ago and it works great. Now I know kodi 17 is supposed to not allow wizards but some developers found a way around this. How can we modify our wizard to work on Kodi 17? Thanks

  13. Hi

    I followed your instructions months ago to make a wizard and it works great. I know Kodi 17 is supposed to not allow wizards but I see some developers got it working. Do you know how we can tweak the wizard created by following your guide so it will work for Kodi 17?


  14. I have good luck with wizard installed. Once I open the wizard however, i get CustomEyesWizard HD Theme error. (that is what I named mine). I have the wizard text and file locations identical to yours (drop box), I have changed to 0 to 1. I have copied the link to browser and it works just fine. I am out of ideas. I have tried every possible way I can think of. Again, the wizard has installed ok, I can not get the wizard to “OPEN” and download.

  15. Hi, i am getting “failed to install addon from zip file” when trying to install the zip file in Kodi, can anyone help me resolve this

    • Having same issue using a MAC saw one post on this. Zipping on a MAC causing problem with if ur using a Mac. Google ZIp -r -0 that should pull up the post. Command didn’t work for me but may for you

  16. great video but the web domain site has a completely different layout to yours which through me. I managed to locate the file manager page but then it wouldn’t upload the zip file as it was 71mb and the maximum they allow is 32mb? I tried uploading the files separately but theres still a problem. I noticed in your video that your zip file was only 2,039kb? How did you get the file so small and why is mine so big? Ive had to abort my build due to this until i can resolve it. Thanks

    • Having problems with files zipped on Mac check this URL for detail info on Mac zip and how to chance the compression option which may resolve the invalid structure when other apps access the zip

  17. Hey

    I have being using my wizard for months now after following your how to. Now for some reason when I update the build (i have done this many times already) and run it on android devices not everything seems to extract and many script errors come up. The skin I use is missing but the addons are there and some give script issues. I try on my mac works every time. Any ideas?


  18. I watched from start to finish and it only extracts to 15, 20 etc percentages sometimes more but always works on mac. Wonder why this is happening now when it was fine before

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