How to Create a Video Add-on for Kodi

Make your own Video Add-on

This tutorial will teach you how to create your OWN Video Add-on for Kodi.

You will be able to have your own Live TV links, Movies, YouTube and many more!


How to create a Repository

How to make your OWN Wizard

How to make your OWN RSS Feed for Kodi



●Files Needed:

●Programs Needed:

Codes for:

The Categories:


The Channel’s lists:


The YouTube Links:

<utube>*Characters that are after the = in the link*</utube>

●Outro Song:
Vanic x K.Flay – Make Me Fade

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101 Comments on How to Create a Video Add-on for Kodi

  1. Thanks Really great tutorials! I’m having an issue with the external link showing up in Home.txt. I go to edit and it is there. I upload the file and replace the old one but when I open up to get link the external links are missing. Thought about trying to change channel to category but first I think I will try deleting and re uploading file. Any ideals?

      • Thanks for the response! I have another question. I want to add only youtube playlist by category/channel. For example there are 5 different cooking channels I want to add to a category so do I use the subcategory as demonstrated for TV episodes with different directories for each episode?

        Also when you say use the channels image for each playlist you are talking about the channels personal image for their channel right?

      • in line 754 i changed it but still not working ? where should i make a change to play utub playlist ? please help ty

  2. hey great Tutorial it works awesome but i have a question. Is there a way to put in a url to a site that has links on a page to different movies and have this list the links? all i get is that it tries to play something but there is nothing to play. (sorry for sounding like a noob im trying this for the first time)

      • just to let you know it doesn’t work so i am trying to add it. if i get it to work i will let you know. It would be great to know who built this so i could ask them. Do you know who built it???

  3. I have a couple of questions, 1) how do you add dailymotion links to a list?, 2) how do you get all the scripts to load in kodi from a zip file

    • I’m sorry I don’t have the answers to your questions. I never tried adding dailymotion links and I don’t know how to load the script from a zip file

  4. im lost with the adding seasons in tv shows tried but cant get it right any chance you can do a video on it, as you pretty much pass over it, otherwise brill video

  5. Hi i cannot get the video addon to show up in kodi
    I have followed your video double and triple checked but the plugin will not show up
    PS working on a Mac

  6. is there a way to fix our video addon not loading big youtube playlists? i f i copy the end of say a youtube playlist with more than 50 songs in the list then go to my addon and try to play it, it trys to load the playlist but then quits with an error message,

  7. think as something to do with the double string == ie =jkBTMEsY2Sk&list=PLCF32F45129D9B6FA this wont play, maybe there is something in the ?

  8. even stranger it wont even play the entire link instead of entering it as a link instead, still wont play?

  9. Hi.. I cannot get the video addon to show up in kodi.
    I have followed your video tutorial … i have double and triple checked everything but the plugin will not show up at all..
    PS: I am working on Windows 10

  10. Hello
    Thanks for this great tool : It help a lot.
    Just a question : It looks that the list of videos is refreshed only when I delete kodi file : /Database/Addons20.db
    Maybe I did not wait enough ? So my question is : Is there an automatic refresh delay of the list of videos created with the addon ?
    Thanks for your answer.

    • If you use the uploader on the Website it should refresh automatically in Kodi. Try leaving kodi and opening it again

  11. Great Tutorial

    Does anyone know what the programming would be to load a youtube channel not a youtube video in the youtube text file. Whoat would take the place of

  12. Hello, my name is João and i´m from Portugal so it is a bit dificult to me to ask my question, bu i will try. I made 3 addons that only work with youtube. In my addons when i enter a category it display the content of the playlist in thumbails or as list of all the vídeos and i can choose wich vídeo to play. How can i do that here ? Thanks

    • sublink:enter your link or the plugin and link:#
      sublink:enter your link or the plugin and link:#
      sublink:enter your link or the plugin and link:#

  13. ive noticed in all the add ons now when you click on a film it gives you the option of multiple links, link 1, link2 , link 3, how do i add this ive tried loads of methods none work,anyone know and can post the script thanks

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  15. really struggling to work out why inside add on the sections are not showing just favourites.. cant seem to correct the home.txt if it has a mistake, can’t see a problem on it. thanks in advance

  16. hey admin,
    i couldn’t download the zipfile for create video addon tutorial.
    Could u please provide another link ?

  17. I’m trying to link to a live youtube stream and it doesn’t work. it doesn’t matter what live youtube stream none of them work. the NON live streams work ok. does anyone know how to do it? here is the code I’m using (took out thumbnail & fanart as not relevant)

    Live stream

    any help appreciated as the live link I want to stream comes up in 4 days.

    • Try running the link in a web browser which will download the m3u, open it with notepad+.
      You may just find its not one link but its actually a playlist.
      fm2tester is not used for these files, only links ending in .ts

      • dont suppose you have mangaged to work out to get a yt playlist to show all the videos in the list and not to do the playall function. I want my users to be able to chose what they watch not play the whole playlist from the top. TIA

  18. I have a subscription to it is a hockey site I stream it through the Internet on my labtop I want to put it onto my kodi stick can you help me do that

  19. Hi , would you please tell me if I want to add more than 1 link(URL) for a specific channel what should I do in my own build video add-on?

    • The fist item run is home.txt so here you add the channels (folders links) ie a folder for youtube, live tv or movies.
      The channels (folders) are the list of whats in that folder, so if you want a folder for live tv for example and in that folder is a folder for uk channels and another for usa channels you make the first txt file another channel txt file.

      so the home.txt file would have this

      LIVE TV
      your website link here livetv1.png
      your website link here LiveTV.jpg

      livetv.txt would then be another channel txt file like this:

      your website link here 1.png
      your website link here uk.txt
      your website link here LiveTV.jpg

      your website link here 1.png
      your website link here usa.txt
      your website link here LiveTV.jpg

      Now in the file uk.txt and usa txt would be your live stream links.
      There are two types i have found so far, one requires f4mstester plugin by shani and the other is a straight forward http link. Or links with .ts reqquire f4mtester or other links are straight forward http links.

      USA: ABC News
      plugin://;name=uraddonnamehere&url=http:// link here 2931.ts

      USA: ABC News
      http: link here name.mu8 or name.mkv or name.avi ect

  20. Thanks for the tutorial. has anyone resolved displaying all the video in a youtube playlist. i have tried putting this in front of playlist but still no joy…plugin://

    here is the full youtube section of code.TIA

    Celtic TV Newsdesk

  21. I have a issue with
    When ever i change line 82
    addDir(‘Favorites’,’Favorites’,4,’MY FAV PIC’ , FANART,”,”,”,”)

    Whenever i change it to my own link and create the addon it refuses to install from my repo.
    If i just install it into my addons folder on pc it works, whats wrong with it?
    It is only a link to my png replacement for the favs folder.

  22. Little lost on one part and hope you or someone here can help be better grasp this part. The ADDON folder with all the scripts that are needed to make your addon work. How do you either allow it to automatically be installed along with your Video Addon or create a seperate installable addon so anyone who downloads your addon will have these needed parts included so the videos work correctly. Trying to make my video addon user friendly so everything seemlessly gets put together when they install as a zip file

  23. Thank you very much, it is very useful!!
    I do have a question, I want to change the default view of the pages to thumbnail instead of the list view.

    I know that in the home.txt you have the , but it doens’t work…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  24. hi can u make a repo for the add-on doing it this way i have been trying to make one for days now and cant do it i can install the repo but not the add-on can someone plz help thanks

  25. Is there a way to change it being a link to a URL in ie live tv section and code in being able to open an addon and play the stream through that? I’ve tried inserting a part of an ini file and get an error or the stream won’t play

  26. Dear Simplekore,

    First of all great job on your tutorials find them really nice 🙂

    However got a question suppose i would make an addon you mentioned this can be uploaded onto an server so if you make any changes kodi will remotly load these changes from the server. unfortunally i dont have an server but was wondering if i can do this with services like dropbox ?

    hoping you can advise me

  27. Hi my addon is working fine as long as all the dependencies are installed however this does not seem to be the case on kodi 17 krypton is there something I need to change to make it compatable ?

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