How to Create a Video Add-on for Kodi

Make your own Video Add-on

This tutorial will teach you how to create your OWN Video Add-on for Kodi.

You will be able to have your own Live TV links, Movies, YouTube and many more!


How to create a Repository

How to make your OWN Wizard

How to make your OWN RSS Feed for Kodi



?Files Needed:

?Programs Needed:

Codes for:

The Categories:


The Channel’s lists:


The YouTube Links:

<utube>*Characters that are after the = in the link*</utube>

?Outro Song:
Vanic x K.Flay – Make Me Fade

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  1. ive noticed in all the add ons now when you click on a film it gives you the option of multiple links, link 1, link2 , link 3, how do i add this ive tried loads of methods none work,anyone know and can post the script thanks

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