How to CREATE your own BUILD/WIZARD for KODI -Easy Method-

Create your own Wizard.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create your own Build/Wizard for Kodi.

How to update your Build/Wizard

Add multiple BUILDS to your WIZARD



●Files Needed:
Decryption Key

●Programs Needed:

●Hide file directory:
-Folder name: .htaccess
-Code: IndexIgnore /Wizard

●Outro Song:
Vanic x K.Flay – Make Me Fade

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17 Comments on How to CREATE your own BUILD/WIZARD for KODI -Easy Method-

  1. when installing from zip in kodi wizard shows up with background fanart will not install says streamuwizard(name of plug in) has error can you please help?

    • I think the part I’m missing is that I’ll need 2 separate sites in order to run the wizard. Archive.Org to store (Addon/userdata) and another hosting site like Dropbox/? to place the .png, .txt, at. Of course dropbox will not allow you to view zip files. from all the videos, looks like you can’t do it all on one site like if so, can someone please Help. I have the files, understand the dependencies, who calls what and what needs to be where. I cant seem to set it up anywhere I can atleast test it. got a script error, and to be truthful, i cant not follow the directory structure in Archive or even how to create one.
      If you could help, deeply appreciate it

  2. ok now the error is gone however when the wizard downloads to kodi the background screen goes black (no fanart)
    and nothing is downloaded ? what the heck am i missing?

  3. Ok Have followed you guide above the wizard loads from the source but in programs it shows it but the file isnt there? What have I done wrong. Have copied the dropbox address into the html and have made sure it matched yours. Need Help

  4. When I try to install from zip I see the but when I try to install it I get an error “railed to install Add-on from from zip”
    I have made sure the DL=0 is changed to DL=1 but still no luck
    Do you have any other things it could be ?

  5. Everything appeared to be working but when I run the wizard it downloads fine but only extracts to 30% then makes you close kodi but not everything is installed and no settings are transferred! Any advice?

  6. Can you tell me a good place to find m3u files that work when I put them in a link for each item within a catagory. I’ve tried many but, none work. The only one that does is the you tube….Thanks for all your help

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